K.L KRIS FOOD INDUSTRIES SDN. BHD. was incorporated in Malaysia in 1992. We are involved in the manufacturing and processing of argo coomodities namely Cocoa, Spices and Flour. We pride ourselves in specializing as a food ingredient supplier to some of the major processing industries both in the domestic and global markets.

In addition to our house brands we also undertake to manufacture to customers requirement of special blends and brands.

The quality and excellence of every product that we procedure meets specific requirements of our wide clientele and reflects our commiment to our highly valued customers. We are constantly on track to further enhance the quality of our products and aspire to be an innovative food ingredients producer. We are proud to state of our ability to quickly and efficiently engineer special formulation and requirements for our vast clientele's needs. We are relentlessly working towards being a supplier of unique high quality products striving to set the standards in the industry.

Our Mission
To be a International Standard manufacturer and supplier of  food ingredients and products for both retail and industrial consumption to customers up most satisfaction.
Our Objective
To deliver products of top quality and meet the high demands of customers needs and requirements both efficiently and effectively.
Our Core Activities
In the manufacturing sector:
Processing of Cocoa Products
Processing and Blending of Wide Range of Ground Spices and Curry
Processing Flour & Premixes
Whole Spice
Snacks, Confectionery and Sweets
Food Ingredients

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