Black pepper Cummin Seed
Cardamon Fennal Seed
Poppy Seed
Chilly Garlic Flakes
Star Ani Seed
Cinnamon Bark Ginger
White Pepper
Cloves Mace
Black Pepper Powder Fenugreek Powder
Garam Masala
Onion Powder
Briyani Masala Fish Curry Powder
Kurma Curry Powder
Star Ani Seed Powder
Cardamon Powder Fish Head Curry Powder
Keema Masala
Tumeric Powder
Chilly Powder Five Spice Powder
Lemon Grass Powder
Tandoori Masala
Cinnamon Bark Powder Galangal Powder
Mace Powder
Vindaloo Masala
Corriander Powder Garlic Powder
Meat Curry Powder
White Pepper Powder
Cummin Seed Powder Ginger Powder
Nutmeg Powder
"KRISTAR" a brand synonymous with spices prides itself in the processing and trade of high quality whole and ground spices brought together from the four corners of the world, blended and processed using traditional skills and latest in modern equipment, technology and expertise to bring the very best in Spices to your very doorsteps.
"KRISTAR" range of Spice are tailored to meet the stringent and ever demanding requirements of our customers such as flavour, aroma, colour, texture, taste and pungency.requirements of our customers such as flavour, aroma, colour, texture, taste and pungency.
Whole Wheat Flour
Crispy Flour
Gram Dhall Flour
Pizza Flour Blend
Rice Flour
Kentucky Flour
Soya Flour
Muruku Premix (Extruded Snack )

KRISTAR products range from basic plain rice, soya, most grains and pulses to specially blended ready to use flour premixes for snacks and pizza.

We are committed to the development of wide range of premixes to suit each and every individual industries' applications, assuring of stringent quality and consistency.

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